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1993. Behind the scenes at two weddings

1993 February 12

We see Sai Baba walking around during bhajans in Whitefield. He enters a building, watches, and takes part in part of a wedding. The scene then shifts to a dining hall, where tables are being set up, and then guests come in.

At minute 00:34:10, we see Sai Baba and boys outside, on the same day. They go inside, and the wedding is going on. At 1:06:30, Sai Baba walks outside and then back into the dining hall, talking to people.


1993 November 18 and December 1

The scene is the Purnachandra Auditorium in Prasanthi Nilayam. We see Sathya Sai Baba walking around, directing things, giving darshan while vedic chanting goes on, directing the giving of sewing machines and other gifts to poor people, etc.

At minute 1:00:20, the scene shifts to 1 December in the Purnachandra, where Sai Baba watches and takes part in a wedding.

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