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13 July 2003 --Guru Purnima, with discourse

Video clips from 10-14 July 2003 celebrations, including the Maharasthra youth play;

a mandolin recital (at minute 11:54);

excerpts from speeches by Brindavan campus Warden Narasimhamurthi (14:02), Central Trust member Srinivas (20:05), Michael Goldstein, Overseas Chair (28:00), Vice-Chancellor Venkatraman (30:28), Bob Bozzani Chair, USA Sai Trust (33:05), Chakravarthy, Secretary, Central Trust (34:37), and Central Trust member Srinivas (37:00);

excerpts from Sai Baba's discourse (40:00);

singing by the Netherlands Choir group (51:26);

and a recital by Begum Parvenu Saltana.


The video given above concentrates on Sathya Sai Baba saying, "Nobody needs to be worried or anxious about Swami's well-being. No danger can ever befall Swami. Swami comes out of all difficulties and troubles unscathed. He will achieve all success. There may be some changes at the physical level. They are only temporary and not permanent. Hence, Swami wants all of you to be courageous. Now I have recovered and am standing before you." He goes on to talk about the medicine he took --the intense prayers of devotees.

The video given below is the full discourse.

You can see read this discourse here: html    pdf


The video given above is the full discourse. You can see read this discourse here: html    pdf

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