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Festivals, Plays, Events 2009
Interaction with Swami, 28 Dec 2009

Joy of serving

Swami spends an hour interacting with the devotees from croatia after their musical performance --talking to them, taking letters, handing out vibuthi materializing vibuthi. The editors of the video have put wonderful music with this video.

Joy of Serving, 28 Dec 2009

Joy of serving

Swami distributed vibuthi to a large contingent of devotees from Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. They then presented their musical program, with songs from each country. Swami asked them to sing bhajans, and he had clothes distributed to them. Swami asked Anil Kumar to announce that He was pleased with their performance.

Children's choir and play, 26 Dec 2009

Boxing Day

The international children's choir, under the theme "Christmas in Prasanthi is Pure Grace", sang a number of songs.

This was followed by a drama titled "Christmas Comes to My Heart", based on Bhagawan’s teachings and the biblical gospels of Saint Luke and Saint Matthew.

Christmas evening, 25 Dec 2009

Christmas Eve

After some singing, Christmas Committee Chair John Behner gives a speech and then introduces the two others speakers: Yuliana Stephanie Pulgar Monge, a medical student from Cost Rica, and Douglas Saunders, chair of the Sathya Sai Seva Organizations in New Zealand.

Christmas morning, 25 Dec 2009

Christmas Eve

After Bhagawan makes the rounds, comes on the verandah, and cuts Christmas cakes, the University Brass Band plays popular Christmas numbers. Then Christmas Carols are sung, tied together by a dialogue sequences involving Uncle John and Little David, talking about the birth of Baby Jesus.

Christmas eve, 24 Dec 2009

Christmas Eve

The International Sai Choir, with over 950 people, sang 18 hymns, for an hour, with accompaniment from many musical instruments. Silvia Alden directed, with support from Gisela Sebastian of Germany

At the end, Bhagawan had a student announce that the songs sung by the choir were touching and made Him very happy.

Birthday evening, 23 Nov 2009

Happy Birthday!

Dana Gillespie, from the UK, offers a medly of old and new songs, all with spiritual meaning and addressed to Bhagawan.

The Malladi Brothers again offer songs with a perfect mix of Bhava, Raga, and Tala (feeling, tune, and beat). Bhagawan materializes necklaces for the brothers.

Birthday morning, 23 Nov 2009

Happy Birthday!

Bhagawan enters Sai Kulwant Hall, following several bands and Vedic chanting groups. Once on the stage, He asks the famous Carnatic musical artists, the Malladi brothers, to perform.

After the performance and Arathi, we see Bhagawan lighting candles and cutting several Birthday Cakes, on the verandah and in the mandir.

Tamilnadu Dance Drama, 15 Nov 2009
african singer with Swami

Tamil Nadu dance drama

After Bhagawan's darshan round, the Tamil Nadu youth presented a dance-drama titled Sathya Kathulu.

Aftwerward, some small girls who took part in it came to Him with a card, and he created a necklace for one of them. Clothes were given to all participants, and group pictures were taken with Bhagawan.

African Choir, 9 July 2009
african singer with Swami

African choir

Victor Kanu introduces this group of 45 Africans, who have come to sing before Swami. Using local (African) instruments for accompaniment, as well as a keyboard, they performed 9 compositions in languages such as Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo.

During the performance, Swami went among the singers, and afterward, he handed out gifts individually to the choir members.

Brazilian singing, 8 July 2009
xmas eve pic

Brazilian Singing

About 300 Brazilians sing before Swami in Sai Kulwant Hall. The 8 bhajans in Portuguese kept the audience tapping to the decidely South American beat. They also sang Bhagawan’s own Manasa Bhajare Guru Charanam.

Holi, 14 March 2009
xmas eve pic


After Swami comes to the verandah, the bal vikas and youth wing of Bihar and Jharkhand perform a play about education, intemingled with dancing, based about Swami's message on Sathya Sai Educare.

After the performance, Swami goes among the actors and dancers, taking letters. The video ends with Arathi and Samastalokah.

Holi, 11 March 2009
xmas eve pic


The bal vikas and youth wing (women) of Bihar and Jharkhand perform music and beautifully choreographed dancing, specially prepared for the Holi celebrations. After the performance, Swami goes among the dancers, taking letters. The video ends with Samastalokah.

(Holi is a 2-5 day spring festival associated with the worship of Krishna and his friendship with the gopis (cowherd maidens). It is named after Holika, the sister of Hiranyakasipu.)

Sivarathri speeches, 23 Feb 2009
xmas eve pic


Former Vice Chancellor Sri SV Giri dwelled upon the significance of the sacred night, calling the festivity a cultural representation of the country,

Bharath. Sri. V. Srinivasan, All India President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, expressed the greater benediction that befell the people assembled to celebrate the festivity in His Divine Presence.

Mr. Ajith Popat gave an electrifying speech, an appetizer warming up for the lofty Divine Discourse that was in waiting.

Sivarathri darshan, 23 Feb 2009
xmas eve pic


Swami gives darshan in the morning and evening on Sivarathri.

Special Shivarathri Cakes, prepared by the overseas group of devotees as well as by the students, were blessed and cut by Bhagawan before He came to the front of the verandah and sat, for a long while, granting blissful darshan.

Sivarathri bhajans, 23 Feb 2009
xmas eve pic


We see Swami on the verandah as bhajans go on.

For part of the bhjans, Swami makes the rounds of Sai Kulwant Hall, mostly the college boys, talking letters and talking to a few people.

Sivarathri rudram chanting, 23 Feb 2009
xmas eve pic

Rudram chanting

Over a thousand Youth from Karnataka, well trained in Rudram chanting, were blessed by Bhagawan to chant Rudram in the Divine Presence on the auspicious morning.

During the chanting, we see Swami on the verandah, as well as college boys passing out prasad.

Hungarian Songs, 20 Feb 2009
xmas eve pic

Hungarian Choir

The Hungarian Choir is asked to sing again. And sing the choir does, beautifully. In what appears to be the end of the performance, Swami materializes a necklace for one of the performers. Then, after some conversation, the choir sings again.

At the end, Swami moves amng the choir.

Hungarian Choir, 16 Feb 2009
xmas eve pic

Hungarian Choir

The Hungarian Choir, consisting of 140-odd men and women, treat us to a wide variety of songs, including many with the musical taste of Hungary and Eastern Europe.

After the performance, clothes are handed out to the singers while the College Boys sing.

Sports Festival evening, 11 Jan 2009
xmas eve pic

Sports festival

The evening is devoted to performances by the students of the Primary School, giving us a riot of colour and song in the form of dances, balancing acts, floor exercises --even gymnastics on roller skates.

At the end, after Arati, we are treated to closeups of Bhagavan as He leaves.

In this Annual Sports Festival, everyone wins, for the game is not to compete but to create innovative and entertaining presentations that show what people can do when they work together for the benefit of all.

Sports Festival morning, 11 Jan 2009
xmas eve pic

Sports festival

After Bhagavan arrives at Hillview Stadium, the students of the University and Schools parade in. We are then treated to magnificent, beautiful, and breathtaking performances, from students on trampolines (calling themselves the "trampolions") to acrobatic feats on motorcycles, creative percussionists, feats on stilt-ladders, exquisite presentations depiciting the elements by the women of the Anantapur campus, ancient defensive arts, and more.

Although these videos can be downloaded, they are designed for streaming. To obtain higher resolution versions, visit a Sai bookstore.

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